Lighting Tips

Caution: This information is for general purposes. When needing advice/assistance with lighting installation, please contact an electrician.

How low should I hang my light over my dining table?

Typically we recommend that the end of the fixture seat between 5.5 - 6 feet from the floor.

How low should my fan hang & does 3 vs. 4 vs. 5 blades impact air flow efficiency?

A three, four or five blade fan circulates the air just about the same - why you ask? If made right the 3 or 4 blade fans have a steeper slope on the blades compensating for less blades.

Ceiling Height:

8 foot

9 foot
10 foot
11 foot
12 foot

Length of downrod needed:

Standard - 3.5 inch or a flush mount
depending on location in your house.
12 inch or standard - 3.5 inch.
18 inch
24 inch
36 inch

We typically do not recommend going with a downrod that is larger than 36 inches as the fan may begin to wobble however; downrods can come in 48, 60 and 72 inches if needed.

What is the comparison of an incandescent vs. a halogen vs. compact fluorescent?

100 watt regular bulb = approximately 50 watt halogen (light is close to double the light of a regular bulb) = approximately 23 watt compact fluorescent (light is close to four times the light of a regular bulb).

How far apart should I put 4 inch vs. 6 inch pots in a room?

We usually suggest that 4 inch pots are spread about 3 - 4 feet apart from each other & 6 inch pots 4 - 5 feet apart.

How high should my bedroom table lamp be? What about in the living room?

This depends on many factors like the size of the room & height of the ceiling, however; as a rule of thumb bedroom lamps should be no more than 28 inches & living room lamps could be larger but should be proportionate to your furnishings.